Thursday, June 25, 2015

my love for tunic's

I for real love tunic's.
Austin calls them "bed sheets."
I call them comfortable.

These are so easy to dress up with some cute skinny jeans and heels... or to throw on with some leggings and sandals. I also love that they aren't super tight... I literally lived in these after I had the twins... They hid my "I just had a baby (or babies) belly", they are way easy to nurse in, and they made me feel like I actually took time to get ready and look cute.

This tunic from PinkBlush is lightweight, comfy, and it just so happens to be my favorite color! Score!

tunic c/o PinkBlush

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dress Obsessed

dress: c/o PinkBlush

So really. I think I have a slight obsession with dresses. In the summer it's so easy to throw on a dress and be done! No tight pants, no layering, no super thick materials... I'm all about only having to put on one layer of clothing and being done!

This dress is also from PinkBlush and I love love love how comfy it is. It's super flowy and it long enough that I don't have to be worried about the wind catching it and ::whoops::. It's also super versatile... you can wear it as a cute maternity dress, after baby cause it's so comfy, or even as a swimsuit coverup! I've worn this dress with some cute wedges (as pictured) and I've also worn it with some sandals (since I'm usually chasing 3 kiddos around).

PinkBlush has a few different dresses like this and I am so tempted to get them all! Whether it's worn as a maternity dress, or non maternity, this dress is definitely one of my favorites for the summer!
Check back soon to see my last look from PinkBlush!

Friday, June 12, 2015

the transition

Okay let's be real for a sec.

Anyone else feel like the transition from being pregnant to not being pregnant is seriously the craziest thing?? I mean, not only are our bodies all like, "dude, what the heck just happened to me?!?" but we learn to function with little to no sleep, our hormones... I won't even go there, and... AND... we have a little human (or two) that we are in charge of feeding, changing, and keeping happy all. the. time.

Say WHAAA?!!?!

Yea. It's all just a crazy, happy, wonderful whirlwind of emotions. And honestly, the last thing I want to worry about is finding clothes that fit post baby and are flattering (y'all feel me? Insert "amen" hands emoji). The fact that we even get dressed at all after having a baby is a huge accomplishment, and comfort is key... so I was so super duper excited to find that everything at PinkBlush was just that! They have a line of cute maternity clothes that I wish I could've gotten my hands on while I was pregnant, and then super cute, comfy, affordable clothes for after baby (non-maternity).

Yes, you heard right. To find clothes for the bump, clothes for the after-bump, and clothes forever more all in one place is my kind of shop! So this maternity dress right here... I want to wear it to the grocery store, out to dinner, laying on my couch, running errands, to bed... you name it, you can do it all in this dress! Whether you're wearing it as a maternity maxi dress while pregnant, after baby to nurse in, or (like me) just cause it's the most comfortable thing you've ever put on, this dress is my jam. And cheetah?? Sold.

dress c/o PinkBlush

But you all just wait... cause I'm not done talking about PinkBlush yet... I've got a few more looks I can't wait to show you all... in the meantime, feel free to follow them on instagram @pinkblushmaternity for more cute maternity clothes, or @shoppinkblush for everything else!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

the "P" word

Okay, I lied. It's two words.

Potty. Training.

a.k.a the days I've been d r e a d i n g for quite some time.

I was all about getting Chan out of diapers... However, I was NOT excited about the process. But within the last month of so, Chan threw the biggest fits when it came time to change her diaper. I mean, all out crying and kicking fits. So, one day I told her that if she didn't want me to change her diaper anymore, she needed to use the big girl potty.
She agreed.

So... as in Chan's words, "1, 2, here we go!"

I changed her out of her diaper and put some "undies" on her. (I seriously can't stand the "p" word... so, it won't be used in my house. Like, it literally makes my eyes water every time I hear it.) Of course, when she had to go, she just went on the carpet while she was watching tv... so I got her some new undies and had her sit on her Minnie Mouse potty with a cup of apple juice and had her drink her juice until she had to go. I told her that if she went potty in her Minnie potty I would give her 5 "nominees" (m&m's a.k.a her favorite thing in the whole wide world). So, about 20 minutes later she went! She was so excited that she went AND that she got some m&m's... So we ran with that for the rest of the day... Every time she went potty, she got 5 m&m's. ::I am not above bribing, obviously:: We went the rest of the day with no accidents. 

The next day we did the same thing but without the m&m reward. But now it was time to tackle the other "P" word. She was super scared to do that... so again, I am not above bribing... I told her that if she went poo poo on the big girl potty that she could have ice cream for dinner (No, I'm not that bad of a parent... I meant have dinner and then get ice cream after... she wouldn't know the difference). That did it for her... later that day, she went #2 in the toilet! Easy peasy, yea??


Then it came time to venture out into the world in her "undies". She actually did really well... until she discovered the automatic flushing toilets. You know, the kind that either flush while you're still sitting there (yea, and give you a mini heart attack as a bonus) or the second you stand up it starts to flush so your hurrying to get outta the way so you don't get sprayed. Anyway, I'm sure she thinks that the toilet is going to suck her right down into that hole... I get it. 2 year old fears. So, we battled her saying she has to go, taking her all the way to the front of the store to the bathroom, then crying and screaming while on the toilet thinking it's going to flush at any second, to carrying her back to the cart, only to have her pee all over the floor. Sorry 'bout it store-I-will-not-mention. So, I reverted back to the m&m's and ice cream for dinner bribes... which worked sometimes and sometimes not.

But... mom's got skills and worked out a sweet deal with those automatic scare-the-crap-outta-you toilets. I said, "When I'm done doin' my business... before I get up I'm going to say 'flush toilet!' and you're gonna listen, okay?" Toilet says, "Okay, deal." And ever since then, we've been friends. And Chan loves to scream at the top of her lungs, "FLUSH TOILET!!!" and then proceed to clap and say, "It yistened!!" every single time. I know, I know, I'm crazy for having her talk to the toilet, but whatever works to get her to go in the potty, and not anywhere else.

Now, I did try to work out the same deal with those automatic hand dryer thingies... They apparently don't want to be friends with me. Or Chan. So, we either A) hand dry. B) wipe our hands on our pants (bad parenting, I know) or C) whip out the hand sanitizer.

So there ya have it. Potty Training for Dummies... err The Hunt's.

Check back soon... I have some pretty nifty things coming up!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

but for real...

I am still alive.

Mother's Day - the twins were already asleep in the car so they didn't make the picture.

Just in case you all wondered.

L I F E happens. And when that happens, I should probably blog about it... or something.
But somehow, the days go by and my blog continues to sit.

I'm back. For good. With p l e n t y of updates:

#1 - We all survived our first "busy season". Don't know what busy season is? Oh, let me tell you. Austin works for a pretty big public accounting firm and basically from January until May, he's pretty much home to sleep. Like for real, I have a man that I call my husband sleeping in my bed every night, but other then that, he's pretty much non-existant. He would leave for work around 7:30am and get home between 8:30 and 9pm... So pretty much he would leave before anyone was awake and come home after the twins had already gone to sleep and Chan was on her way to bed. Oh, and let's not forget Saturday's... 9am - 3pm. Efffff my life. Hashtag single mom life. But whatev. We lived. Yolo.

#2 - Chandler is potty trained. I repeat: Chandler is potty trained!!! Can you believe it?!? I actually think that she had been ready for a while, and I was the one who was stalling. Yes, we've had accidents here and there, and I do still put her in pull ups at night and during bed time, but she has done so well. I'll save my strategy for another post. But hallelujah for one out of diapers.

My sweet Chan and her friend Paige at swim lessons.

#3 - Chan also moved into a "big girl bed". Well, it' just a little toddler bed, but still. She still chooses to sleep in her crib about half the time, and that's fine with me. The first night she slept in her bed she came waltzing into my room at 4:56am. A.M.!!! I wanted to die. So, whenever she wants to sleep in her crib, I don't argue. Ha.

#4 - The twins m o v e. They move! Ava is an expert crawler. She is all over the place. up the stairs, on the tile... she pulls herself up on things to stand... We call her our little mighty mite. And sweet Indie, she tries so hard, but just rocks back and forth on her hands and knees. She would still rather be held and loved, but she'll be crawling in no time.

Just cause my twinners are so dang cute :)

#5 - The twins are also sitting up on their own and eating lots of baby food. Ava is a champion eater. She'll eat anything. Indie likes food, but prefers her bottle. She sticks her fingers in her mouth after every bite of food and tends to blow all of her food back out of her mouth all over the place. Super fun.

#6 - I signed up to run the Disney Half Marathon in September. Now, ask me if I'm a runner... my answer is no. No I am not a runner. Not at all. But I'm making progress. My legs, butt, and abs hurt every single day from running but I'm taking that as a good sign. I just ran a 5k (and all you expert runners out there pipe it down) and it was some serious business. Half marathon?? Yikes! I'm just hoping I can finish and now have to be carried off in the golf cart!

#7 - I finally renewed my cosmetology license so I can start working again. I let it expire while we were living in Utah and I was pregnant with the twins... but I'm so ready to be back at it! I haven't decided if I want to do hair or eyelashes yet... so that's my next step!

Okay, I'll stop there... But I will tell you all that I have some super fun things coming up so be sure to check back in or follow me on instagram @ashleyhunt5 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

sister stats

I'm baaaaaaack.

I know you all missed me.

I can't even b e g i n to tell you everything that has been going on and why I've neglected all of you... okay fine I'll tell you:

We bought a house! 
That needed some work... not yay. 
But that's for another post. 
Pics to come. 
And since we bought a house, we had to pack. And unpack. With 3 kids. Enough said.

Anyway, onto what's more important... Sister Stats are back!

Chandler Kate
2 years 2 1/2 months

This is her "Mom, I'm at the park and I want to play" face... and she was looking right into the sun. My bad...

  • This girl... ready for her newest sentences?
-"Okay fine!" This is her answer for everything... me: Chan, let's change your diaper. Okay fine. me: Chan, do you want to go play at the park? Okay fine. me: Do you want some fruit snack? Okay fine.
-"Daddy change the bypee" Bypee = Diaper. I'm glad she thinks daddy always does this. I get no credit. Whatev.
-"Look! Daddy in airpane!" Austin went on a work trip back in January, and when he was flying back home, I told Chan that Daddy was in an airplane. Ever since then, Daddy is in every. single. airplane we see. Doesn't matter if Austin is standing right there, he is in the airplane in the sky too.
-"I do it!" She has to do everything on her own. And I mean e v e r y t h i n g.
-Ask her what a cat says... Her reply: "Meow. I need food!" I guess our cat eats alot?
-"Too heavy." She tries to pick Austin up... "too heavy." She tries to carry all her stuffed animals down the stairs... "Too heavy."
-"I need peetail." Ponytail for her hair.
-"Daddy fix it." We play this matching game with cards and there is a picture of a bicycle and you can only see one of the handlebars and every time she picks that one up she gets this real concerned look on her face and says, "Uh oh, daddy fix it!"
-"Oh my goodness!" That's from me.
-"Oh NOOO!" Every time Elsa first shows her powers and throws icicles at the ball. You all know what I'm talking about.
"I coming!!" She follows Austin everywhere.
"I need yips!" Lips... meaning chapstick.
  • She LOVES books... her faves: Mickey Boat (Mickey Mouse and His Boat) Chicka Boom Boom Boom (Chicka Chicka Boom Boom) Monkey Jump on the Bed (Five Little Monkeys)
  • She still loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sofia the First.
  • We tried potty training for a good 4 hours once. Hah. She doesn't like sitting on the potty and won't tell me when she has to go. So, when she peed in her underwear once she looked at me and said, "I put bypee on." Okay then. Better luck next time.
  • She is OBSESSED with Frozen. And when I say obsessed, I'm not sure you all really understand... We watch it at least twice a day... if not more. Let it go... let it go.
  • She can count to 13. Sometimes she skips 5 and 8... not sure why.
Ava Jean & Indie Mae
6 months

  • We got some rollers on our hands. Both girls can roll from their back to their stomachs... and ver rarely from their stomachs to their backs. Ava rolled first, but Indie quickly followed about a week later.
  • Ava has two teeth on the bottom. Poor Indie is quickly following, but is just gums for now.
  • Both girls drink 6 oz of formula every 4ish hours... and have oatmeal cereal for dinner around 6:30 each night.
  • Ava laughs and smiles and is very ticklish. She likes to play peek a boo and will giggle and laugh with you.
  • Indie smiles the cutest little smile but no matter what I do, she just doesn't think I'm very funny. I've only gotten her to laugh a few times.
  • Both girls babble on and on and on. Indie has this high pitch screech that she does... and she tries really hard to make the highest sound possible when she does it.
  • They both take 2-3 naps a day. Indie still prefers to be swaddled. Ava likes to be in the swing.
  • Ava loves anything soft. She loves to sit in the swing and have her blanket on her face. She likes her binkie too.
  • Indie likes to suck on her middle and ring finger instead of the binkie.
  • They are still about a pound different. Indie is 15 lbs and Ava is 14 lbs 1 oz. Indie is also a little longer. She is 26 inches and Ava is 24 1/2 inches.
  • Both are in 3-6 month clothes and size 1 diapers.
That's my life in a nutshell. My girls are my greatest blessing. They get more and more fun every day. To see more of these cuties and my every day life, follow me on Instagram @ashleyhunt5

Monday, January 19, 2015

"my moccs!!"

Chan's newest phrase... "my moccs!!" as she runs for her freshlypicked moccs. And then, after she puts them on, she stands up, admires herself in her shoes and says, "pretty shoes!!"

We LOVE these cute little moccs... I'm always on the lookout for cute, stylish shoes for my littles. My husband on the other hand, hates spending a lot on shoes that our girls will grow out of in a month. Totally understandable... but they need to look cute... and fashionable, am I right!?! Yes. Yes I am. So when I finally convinced him that our girls needed these moccs, I was super excited! I had heard so many good things about them and I'll admit, once I knew they were on their way, I may or may not have been checking my mailbox like a crazy. And once they got here, I'm pretty sure my girls have been in them every day since. I tried to be practical and get a color they they could wear often, so I went with the traditional Ivory Moccs. They did not disappoint. I wish they came in my size! (And I wish I could actually pull off wearing them! Why is everything extra cute when it's mini?!?)

They are so super soft, which is a must for my twins... and super durable for Chan. We've been out for full days of running errands... and since I only have a double stroller for the twins, Chan has to walk everywhere. She even played around in the rocks in our yard and ran around at the park and never once complained about her shoes. Winning!!

I even ordered them a little big (by accident. whoops!) but it didn't even matter... and I'm actually kinda glad I did because now they can wear them even longer! Winning for Austin! I'm already trying to decide which colors I want for spring... and summer, and fall. Ha! It's safe to say I'm addicted!

So, after my rave about freshlypicked moccs, head on over to my instagram @ashleyhunt5 to enter to win a pair for yourself (well, for your little!) The giveaway runs through Friday, January 23rd.
Good luck!